Earningcraze com Online Website Reviews

Earning Craze is a newly launched website. People from India are curious about this website; thus, read here and understand the details about Earningcraze com

Details About Earning Craze com

Earning Craze is a website that looks empty. They have two options on the screen. 

  • Wingo Real AI Bot
  • Free Gift Codes Bot

These two options have a link attached to it. Thus, users will be redirected to a different page once they click these options. In both cases, a telegram link is the landing page. However, nothing is working on the landing; everything must be fixed.

An option to message the page on telegram has been given. ‘Send Message’ is the given option; however, it is not working. Thus, the website needs to be completed or better designed. 

Because the website’s purpose is unclear, and they do not provide any services. One can also find social media links at the very bottom of the page. However, the links are redirecting to a telegram page. Thus, the website needs a lot of vetting before anyone can use it. 

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Legitimacy Check of Earning Craze com 

Legitimacy Check of Earning Craze com 

Legitimacy considerations ensure a website’s legitimacy. Therefore, we shall talk about the website’s validity here.

  • Trust Score: The credibility score of this website is just 6.4 out of 100.
  • Domain’s Blacklist Status: No such link has been detected.
  • Index of Proximity to Suspicious Websites: This score is 37% out of 100.
  • Domain’s Registration Date: The web domain was registered on 13th February 2024.
  • Domain’s Age: The web domain is over two months old.
  • Expiration Date of Domain: It will expire on 13th February 2025.
  • Backlinks: No details available. 
  • Country of origin: It is mentioned as Australia. 
  • HTTPS Connection: Valid connection found.
  • Threat Score: It is 6 out of 100.
  • Spam Score: It is 5 out of 100.
  • Malware Score: It is 1 out of 100.
  • Phishing Score: it is 6 out of 100.
  • Social Media Account: Few social media accounts are available, but no activity exists.
  • Remarks for the website: The comments by the portal assessed the website as Uncredible, Young, and Suspicious.

The website has received one of the lowest ratings on the trust score platform, which has revealed that this is because the website is devoid of all necessary components. Other characteristics are unavailable online, like the Alexa rating, harmful website score, etc.

Earningcraze com Reviews & More 

After conducting a proper search on the internet, we could not still look for reviews for the website. The reviews should have been included on their social media pages as well. The website is relatively young and new; thus, it may need more reviews. 

The website has social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, etc. However, none of those accounts are working or have any activity on their timelines. Thus, there is no way to accumulate more details about the website. 

Final Word on Earningcraze com

The website looks suspicious and fake. It needs a proper interface and details. The purpose of the website needs to be clarified. The website needs adequate detail about everything. All links present on the website need to be fixed.

The legitimacy is doubtful, and reviews need to be improved. Thus, we suggest users not trust the website and must do a verification check before using it. Read this write-up here and learn about the various information on this website. Click here to learn how to check the website’s legitimacy.


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