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The article explains the mandatory documentation rules that the Fashion Write for Us Guest Post writers need to be followed when presenting their articles.

Are you more interested in fashion and its products? Can you write about your fashion inspirations and knowledge of that sector? Then we are cordially invited to present the fashion articles on our platform. But we have designed certain criteria and guidelines for presenting the Fashion Write for Us Guest Post articles, and the guest post writers should read through the entire article to learn about those.

About our website “freshmadrid.com”

Our website “freshmadrid.com” is a popular and unique forum for content creation, and our website name implies that our content will be fresh and up-to-date. We are a group of people who regularly update our working principles so that we can produce articles on world events. Our Fashion + Write for Us readers liked this way of approaching the updated information, and they are rendering their constant support to our works.

Our range of topics includes, 

  • Technological advancements
  • CBD and its associated topics
  • Health
  • Money
  • Shopping Tips
  • Reviewing the new websites and products
  • Health Tips
  • Business updates
  • Gaming tips
  • Current Events

Fashion Write for Us authors Desired Qualifications and Skillsets

The fashion sector comprises many subcategories, like dresses, footwear, accessories, body posture, and body shapes.

Most people associate the term “fashion” with the feminine gender and believe it is a luxurious one that only wealthy people can afford. But the real truth is that fashion is a form of self-expression for each individual. 

The “Write for Us” + Fashion guest post contributors should clarify this point to our readers, and they can also emphasise that fashion gets updated according to the taste and preference of one individual.

We are a team that mostly focuses on the satisfaction of our readers, so the guest post contributors should present the article in such a manner that every “Write for Us” + “Fashion” reader should feel confident about themselves and procure fashionable items.

Education qualification: The person who completed the graduation degree in fashion technology can contribute. Furthermore, many fashion-related courses are emerging periodically, so the person who has completed those diploma courses can also make their attempt.

Skill sets: The person should be able to produce an interesting article in grammatically correct sentences.

Write for Us Fashion Sample topics

The guest post authors can refer to the below-mentioned topics and get an idea of how to select fashion-related topics. 

  • Trendy fashion products and their availability
  • What are the newly established legitimate online fashion clothing and accessory sites all about?
  • Elucidate why fashion is for everyone.
  • Eco-friendly and economic-friendly fashion products are on the market.

Write for Us + Fashion articles Documentation guidelines and rules

  • Word limit: 750 to 1500 words
  • The guest post contributors should present only authentic and legitimate information. For example, if the writers add any coupon codes for the brand or particular products, they should add the active codes or at least add their expiration dates.
  • Guest post contributors should refrain from adding fake product names to their articles.
  • Write for Us+ Fashion writers should present the article with 100% unique and indigenous content.
  • Writers can use the Grammarly application to check for grammar and spelling errors. It is necessary to maintain a Grammarly score above 98%.
  • The article should be grammatically correct, and the writers should consider quantifiers and syntax errors.
  • Guest post contributors can include images to make the article more appealing.

“Write for Us” + Fashion article SEO guidelines

  • Guest post authors should include two types of keywords in their articles: primary and secondary keywords. And it will be ranked based on its SEO score. And writers can know their SEO score with a simple Google search.
  • The keywords have to be added in proportion to the article’s length.
  •  A higher spam value may reduce the SEO score of the article, so writers should maintain the spam value at 5 to 6 percent.

 Fashion + “Write for Us” writers Advantages

  • Our team will give the proper and necessary recognition to the author. The articles will be published under the names of the concerned writers; this will help them to gain popularity.
  • Moreover, our reader base comprises of many professionals, including people from the writing field, so they contact the writers for their future works if they like the article.

Fashion “Write for Us” articles Submission Rules 

In this section, we would like to share our editorial team’s Email Address [[email protected]], and those who are interested in sending their completed articles can send them to the mentioned address. 


We have listed our expectations from the guest post writers; meanwhile, we have all the resources to support the works of our Fashion Write for Us Guest Post writers. But if the selected articles are shared on another platform it may lead to copyright issues, thus kindly don’t do that.  Thank you, and astound us with your valuable and Fashionable works.

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