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The article lists out the essential qualities and the guidelines to be followed while writing the Law Write for Us Guest Post article in a concise manner.

Are you a legal professional who is interested in writing online articles? Can you summarise the international and regional laws in a simplified manner? Then you are the ideal candidate to take advantage of this Law Write for Us Guest Post guest blogging opportunity. Laws protect the people, and these law-based articles also protect the people; thus, arm yourself with the knowledge to protect the people by taking advantage of our platform’s guest blogging opportunity. But, first, let’s see about the guidelines to be maintained for writing the articles.

About our website

Our website, freshmadrid.com, provides our Law + Write for Us readers with up-to-date and trendy information. And we are a team of writers who put in soulful efforts to establish this website based on delivering high-quality articles for our valuable readers. Our principles and readers’ support helped us retain a significant position in the online content writing field.

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Law Write for Us Writers Preferred Education and Field Experience

Law is the rules and regulations codified to protect people’s lives and keep nations in peace and harmony. But as technology evolves, the threat to the people keeps increasing, so the laws get updated. Still, people sometimes need to be made aware of that, so it is the responsibility of the writers to present those solution-oriented and beneficial law articles to our “Write for Us” + Law readers.

For example, laws to punish cyberbullying, etc.

  • And because the law is more than just criminal and civil lawyers, it also includes a wide range of professions, including law librarians, compliance officers, legal secretaries, paralegals, legal writers, law professors, lobbyists, legal consultants, mediators, legal journalists, legal editors, and other related professionals can also attempt.
  • It is essential to have experience in the legal field.

Write for Us Law Reference topics

Our team would like to share some trending law-based topics with the writers; they can choose these topics, or they should have to select topics similar to these models.

  • What have cyber laws been enacted to protect people from online scams?
  • List of human rights that everyone needed to be aware of 
  • “Write for Us” + “Law” writers can also discuss social media issues and how laws protect them because social media has become another world. Still, many women are facing molestation and online threats, photo morphing, and other issues, so this is an important one to address.
  • Laws that protect the lives of women from domestic violence, harassment, acid attacks, etc.

Write for Us + Law articles Guidelines

  • The article length should be maintained at 600 to 1500 words.
  • Writers should pay attention to the Law Article number while writing the articles, and the writer has to explain that specific article to our readers. Don’t simply write the explanations vaguely; it will be difficult to understand and explain the laws clearly in a simple manner.
  • Laws protecting privacy, for example, require the Write for Us+ Law writers to explain things using numerous examples and proper grammar sentences.
  • Articles should be written entirely in the writer’s own efforts. No plagiarised articles will be selected for the next level.
  • Writers should use interesting facts, the historical importance of those laws, etc. so that it will increase the curiosity level of the writers and they will read the complete article without getting bored.

“Write for Us” + Law articles SEO guidelines

  • The article should contain the focus keywords, which help us increase the SEO score of the article. However, the keywords must be relevant to the chosen topic.
  • After completing 70% of the article, the writers must include the necessary internal and external linking.
  • The spam value has to be in the range of 5 to 6%.

Law + “Write for Us” writers Benefits

  • The writers will get the necessary guidance for producing a high-quality article, which will be a great life lesson for all the writers, making their careers successful.
  • Our article will be published only after it has been fully optimized to achieve a high Google ranking and thus reach more readers.

How to submit the Law “Write for Us” articles?

The law-based article should be sent to this email address [[email protected]].


We are a team of people who celebrate the talent and hard work of the writers, so interested candidates can share their law licence number and their portfolios with us so that we can publish a small byline for all of you. Thank you for your interest in writing Law Write for Us Guest Post articles. Let us protect the vulnerable with our Lawbased articles.

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