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The guide shares details about the Real Estate Write for Us Guest Post for interested writers and authors in the opportunity.

Are you from the real estate industry with news and updates for new homebuyers? Do you want to share your new ideas to save money on real estate? Freshmadrid.com welcomes writers and authors to share their creative write-ups and guest posts related to real estate. Anyone interested in guest posting can opt for the Real Estate Write for Us Guest Post and share their ideas and updates with the world via Freshmadrid.com.    

The website allows sharing of creative write-ups and guest posts on real estate niches. However, writers must have the skills and knowledge to produce quality, informative and readable guest posts for Freshmadrid.com. So, continue reading to access the rules for guest posting.

Real Estate Write for Us – About Freshmadrid.com!

Freshmadrid.com is a global website that shares updated and creative write-ups and guest posts on various topics. The website covers multiple topics related to gaming, business, currency, shopping, product reviews, and website reviews.

People with good writing skills and real estate knowledge are invited for the Real Estate + Write for Us opportunity. They can create quality, informative and readable content for guest posting and share it on the website to update global readers. 

However, writers and authors must have comprehensive skills and knowledge about real estate before writing guest posts. 

Write for Us Real Estate – What we are Expecting?

Freshmadrid.com expects to receive top-ranked and high-quality guest posts and write-ups for the real estate guest post section. The success of Freshmadrid.com relies on content quality; hence, we expect only readable, informative, and high-quality content. The opportunity is for those writers and authors who are experienced and skilled in producing creative content for guest posts.     

The “Write for Us” + Real Estate guest posts must be creative and engaging to keep the readers glued to the post and create an urge for more information and blogs. The write-ups and guest posts must include research-based facts and findings and be free from friction and fake news. 

The authors must be team players with the skills to collaborate and submit the write-ups within the stipulated deadline without delays.

Write for Us + Real Estate Guest Posts – What subjects to focus on?

Writers may have difficulty choosing the right topics or subject matters for the real estate guest posts. So, they may seek assistance and approval from the editorial team for the subjects they want to cover. There are many subject matters and topics that writers can cover for the “Write for Us” + “Real Estate” guest posts.      

  • Competition and Opportunity in Real Estate
  • Significance of Realty 
  • Residential and Commercial Realty Development
  • Right Time for Realty Investment
  • Land and Property Rights 
  • Application for Taxation 
  • Global Real Estate Condition
  • Property Brokerage and Management      

These are some of the topics that writers may cover.

“Write for Us” + Real Estate – Guidelines for Writers!

  • The write-ups and guest posts must be unique and original without any plagiarism content. Copied content is not accepted, and it will lead to content rejection. 
  • The write-ups must be grammatically sound without spelling errors and mistakes. 
  • The guest posts must cover all essential facts that are research-based without frictional news, updates, and false information. 
  • The Write for Us + Real Estate guest posts must be in a specified format with bullet pointers, headings, titles, subheads, and more to heighten readability.     
  • The guest posting content length must be within 1000 words. It must not be less than 750 words.
  • The real estate guest posts must be engaging with appropriate sections for specifications, pros & cons, customer reviews, and conclusions.
  • The guest posts must be free from advertisements and promotional content. 
  • Submission must be made timely without delays.  

Real Estate + “Write for Us” – What Write for Freshmadrid.com?

  • The website has large web traffic and can help your guest posts get the needed exposure.
  • The guest posts will gain exposure and visibility and heighten the credibility of authors as skilled writers.
  • Open new opportunities for writers and make them reach the pinnacle of success. 

Real Estate “Write for Us” – Submission Method!

The write-ups and guest posts are required to be submitted on time at the official EMAIL without delays. The official email to offer guest posts is [email protected]. Writers must submit all the content by email, and editors will review it before publishing. An email notification will be sent to authors after publishing the content.


All the details regarding the Real Estate Write for Us Guest Post have been shared, and writers must follow each guideline carefully to write guest posts for Freshmadrid.com successfully. 

If you are interested in writing Real Estate guest posts for Freshmadrid.com and have some queries, please share them in the comment section. 

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