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The article explains how to offer SEO-powered Football Write for Us Guest Post articles and the guidelines for submission to interested writers.

Do you enjoy reading and blogging about football games more than anything else? Can you interpret the match’s events and provide our Football Write for Us Guest Post readers with match updates? Then it’s time to turn your passion into online content. But some rules must be adhered to write articles about football. 

About our website “freshmadrid.com”

Our website is the home to all fresh and new ideas and information, which will be shared with our beloved readers; moreover, we know the interests of the Football + Write for Us readers; thus, we have been offering a range of diverse topics like sports, education, health, entrepreneurship, legal, cryptocurrency, gaming tips, shopping, etc. 

Football Write for Us writers Essential qualities

Football is the game that unites the whole world, and each match is the sensation of the town. Thus, the football-based article will naturally attract more popularity, and at the same time, the writers will have the extra responsibility of creating 100% original articles. In addition to that, another dark side of football games is the rumours about the players, cheating, biased results, etc.

But we want our “Write for Us” + Football writers to present the real, cheerful football world and not any absurd rumours to our readers.

Professions like sportswriters, sports coaches, sports anchors, referees, dietitians, broadcasters, and physical therapists can share the technical and realistic aspects of football games and the happenings worldwide in their articles.

Ardent football fans can also use this opportunity to show their love for football, but they should know all the game’s technicalities.

Write for Us Football Reference topics

Football holds many surprises for everyone, and we want our writers to surprise our readers with their chosen articles. As stated, we advise the writers not to pick any fake rumours as their topic. So, by this time, you might have been confused. So, Please see the below-mentioned topics for reference.

  • The latest football updates and the analysis of the games
  • “Write for Us” + “Football” writers can also advise the readers on how to take up football as a career because football is not only about the players in uniform; many professions are associated with the game. So, football career guidance topics will be much appreciated.
  • Inspirational stories of football players
  • What are the popular football teams that are creating history for themselves?

Write for Us + Football articles Guidelines

  • The sports article’s word count might range from 500 to 1500 words.
  • Writers must refrain from disparaging or criticising any national football team or its players. The content should be written with respect throughout.
  • Writers need to be more mindful of their word choices; they shouldn’t offend football fans.
  • Please refrain from sending us any Write for Us+ Football articles that have been copied or plagiarised; we will remove those from the selection.
  • The Grammarly software, which helps us to correct our grammatical and spelling errors, should be used by writers to proofread their articles thoroughly.
  • Good readability score

“Write for Us” + Football articles SEO guidelines

  • It is crucial to include SEO keywords in articles; writers can choose these keywords using the Google Console or the Ubersuggest Chrome Extensions.
  • The popularity of the keywords increases as the number of online impressions for them increases. So, the writers should know all the technical intricacies when choosing the keywords.

Football + “Write for Us” writers Benefits

  • Our website typically ranks well in search engine results, greatly increasing its visibility.
  • We receive a lot of site visitors, which means that our platform receives a lot of web impressions, which in turn helps guest post writers reach a larger audience.

Football “Write for Us” Submission Rules

The completed article has to be sent to the editorial team via this mailing address [[email protected]]. A short bio would be helpful for us to know about you!


We appreciate your willingness to try out for this guest writing opportunity. We guarantee that your articles will be a big hit with our Football Write for Us Guest Post readers, so please use your unique sports article writing talent. It’s time to intensify your interest in Football.

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