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The article highlights information related to Harley Balic Girlfriend, his AFL career, and his position on the Fremantle Football Team. 

Harley Balic, who was a former AFL star, died in 2022 only at the age of 25. People from Australia are curious to know about the AFL star father’s statement that he recently released about all the controversial matters that talked about his son’s death by substance abuse.

Harley Balic lost his life due to his drug addiction in Melbourne in a hotel room. He passed away in January 2022. Balic’s father has reported that it was the responsibility of the AFL to take care of all the young individuals who are having issues related to substance abuse. 

Harley’s father said he would have been saved if put in a better place. The reason why his father was angry was that the AFL knew everything, but the family was not informed of his drug abuse. 

Harley Balic Girlfriend

After the recent news of the AFL’s irresponsible behavior regarding substance abuse came under the limelight, people were eager to know about the personal life details of the Fremantle player. There were many questions related to his girlfriend, and people were also searching for the details. 

Many pictures of Harley Balic circulating online show him posing with a young woman, and people speculate that she is his girlfriend. But there are no genuine reports of the speculation, and no details about his girlfriend, if any, have been released on the Internet. 

Unless we get the exact reports of his relationship status, we cannot comment on anything about anyone. It has already been a challenging situation for his family after they came to know about their son’s drug abuse and his tragic death that was caused by it. 

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Harley Balic AFL

Harley Balic AFL
Harley Balic AFL

Harley Balic was a professional AFL player in Fremantle Football Club. In the 2015 AFL draft, he was placed in the number 38 pic by the football club and made his debut in 2017 for the Dockers. He was also a part of the WAFL premiership in 2016.

Harley was highly passionate about basketball and football and wished to play more. He retired at 21 in August 2018 and did not play the game for the Demons. His father has revealed that his son passed away due to drug abuse as he was battling addiction. 

It was in 2020 when people came to know about his depression and anxiety when he spoke about his issues publicly after his football career ended. It has also been reported that he was placed in a model where it invites players to take substances without being charged with any penalty. 

Harley Balic Wiki

Let’s have a look at Harkey Balic’s Wikipedia details:

Full Name Harley Balic 
Date of birth January 5, 1997
Place of birth Sandringham, Austrailia
Cause of death Substance abuse 
Age  25 years
Profession  Football  player
Nationality  Australian 
Marital status  Unmarried 
Date of death January 9, 2022

Harley Balic Fremantle 

Harley Balic Fremantle 
Harley Balic Fremantle

Harley Balic was a top-rated player for the Fremantle Football Club in the AFL. His tragic death came to the attention of Sports Integrated Australia, and they are investigating all the allegations made by Harkey’s father and the unlawful practices held by the AFL. 

Harley Balic was constantly under substance abuse, and his family was kept away from the information. Due to their constant struggle with anxiety, depression, and overdose of substance abuse, he lost his life. 

People who wish to know the details about the famous AFL player and what caused his death can find more detailed information on other websites. 

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