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In this article, we deliver information about Neon Streamer Death and What Happened To him, whether his Dead news is accurate or whether he is Arrested, and more.

Neon Streamer threatened to stab a minor and was only momentarily banned from Kick. N3on began shattering at the child while on stream and violently intimidating them to assault him. It looks like streamers are always getting themselves into trouble. His death news makes his United States and Canada followers worried. What happened to him?

Neon streamer Death

N3on is a popular Kick streamer. His real name is Rangesh Mutama, and there is no exemption to this. In recent years, Neon has been known to fake his death. He always tries to stir up controversy with Adin Ross. He told his followers that he had only three and a half days to live, which created worry among some of his fans. It was later proved to be a hoax.

Nevertheless, it seems that Neon finally received some corrective action for his crimes. N3on was banned temporarily from Kick Stream, though his platform has since been restored.

About Neon streamer Death
About Neon streamer Death

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What happened to Neon Streamer? 

Neon, a Kick streamer, was recently arrested in Dubai for causing big titles like Adin Ross to discuss the 19-year-old’s antics. 

N3on, aka Neon, is best known for his Fortnite YouTube content. He is also popular for IRL Kick streaming, where he pushes the limits when he can. 

The young kick streamer has become controversial due to several issues in his short career in content creation. It includes disputing with several online personalities, supposedly troublemaking the Venom 3 film set, and being deceitful about being mortally ill with COVID-19. 

Neon Streamer Arrested in Dubai

Neon is a kick streamer well-known for his IRL content. He was arrested in Dubai on 8 April 2024 following a stream on his YouTube channel. 

Mikyle N3on Rafiq, Dexerto, Sam Frank, and his girlfriend were arrested while on their Dubai trip for filming in a local theme park. 

Since the unproven arrest, neither Frank nor Rafiq has been seen or caught. They have reportedly been in contact with other streamers on the Kick platform. 

The instant of the arrest was caught live on stream, as Neon and his team were detained by establishments and told to follow them via @FrontierRise.

Was Neon Streamer Dead?

Most of Neon’s videos will be controversial only. He streams a video that he is going to die in three days. That video created more grief in his followers, but it was fake. Likewise, he always streams and imitates celebrities and becomes controversial. 

Was Neon Streamer Dead
Was Neon Streamer Dead

Recently, his team unexpectedly arrested him in Dubai. The camera cut just as the group was led to an office, and no one in the group knew what was happening. 

The reason for the team arrest remains unknown. However, capturing in public in the United Arab Emirates is strictly prohibited without proper videoing permits being applied for and carried throughout the video shot. 

Neon’s arrest has turned heads over social media platforms, including one of the biggest names on the Kick streaming platform, Adin Ross. Neon and his team demanded permission to film in the final instants of his stream, but experts took them in even so. 

Rumors have circulated that Rafiq could face jail for the exploit, but that has not been confirmed. Adin Ross has approximately 1 million followers on Kick. He shared his thoughts on his fellow online personality’s arrest in Dubai in several places. Click here to get the detailed information about Neon Streamer and more

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