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Oksana Grigorieva Wiki:- Oksana Petrovna Grigorieva is a Russian entertainer lyricist and piano player who was brought into the world

on February 23, 1970. Going before moving to London, she finished her studio rotates around in Kazan happening to starting them in Moscow.

She moved to the US happening to finishing her melodic evaluations at the Saw Reason of Music, zeroing in on Los Angeles and New York City. She was an American music educator who besides fostered a framework for showing young people melodic documentation.

Oksana Grigorieva Wiki

In 2006, Grigorieva came to public limit as a lyricist when one of her tunes, “Un da llegará,” rose to conspicuous quality on the Josh Groban mix Perceptive. Grigorieva’s social occasion Outstanding Difficulty was dispersed in 2009; supervisor maker was entertainer and movie producer Mel Gibson, with whom she had a young person and was in the end related. The couple split up the following year in an especially progressed segment that finally perplexing senseless court checks out.

Guards And Getting ready

Oksana Petrovna Chernukha, Grigorieva’s extraordinary name, was brought into the world in Saransk, Mordovian ASSR, in 1970. Her family were the two instructors of music. She was brought into the world in Russia and brought up in both Ukraine and moved to Moscow at 15 years old to zero in on piano at school.

She moved to London, where she happened with her appraisals and gave her adoration for music to other people. The Great School of Music was Grigorieva’s place of melodic review.


Grigorieva’s music arrangement Great Torture was conveyed in 2009, and Mel Gibson, who was then supporting her music calling, filled in as boss maker. There are 11 tunes on the grouping, including a duplicate of the Russian song “Hurt Eyes” and a joint exertion with Charlie 12 PM.

As “grown-up, piano-drove pop, taking into account dated parts,” Outstanding Torture was advanced. Grigorieva made the whole variety without help from someone else, except for the tune “Say My Name,” which she co-made with Gibson.

The tune “Say My Name” was highlighted in the film Edge of Lack of clarity from 2010. As shown by ABC News, music specialists gave the arranged capable “rave audits” for Heavenly Torture.

Relationship And Children

For a truly vital time period in 1989, Grigorieva was marry to Russian genuine mentor Igor Baranov. She marry English master Nicholas Rowland in 1992. She dated James Bond entertainer Timothy Dalto, whom Grigorieva at initially met in 1995 while filling in as an interpreter for director Nikita Mikhalkov.

Alexander was the name of the youthful Dalton and Grigorieva had together. Their affiliation showed up at a goal in 2003. Grigorieva and entertainer Mel Gibson started dating in 2007, and their young woman Lucia was brought into the world on October 30, 2009. The pair detaches from in April 2010.

Complete assets

Oksana Grigorieva, a performer, entertainer gifted specialist, and writer of Russian jump, is attempted to have a total assets of around $3 million. She has disregarded various blueprints on her calling, some of which have amassed various partitions and positive investigations. Oksana has thusly made various tunes for Tasks, advancements, and film soundtracks.

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