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What is Christopher Gregor Treadmill Video? Read all the details related to the case here. 

In this post on Christopher Gregor Treadmill Videowe learn about this child endangerment case. A father has forced his six-year-old son to run on the treadmill. Just after a few days, the son passed away. People from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom want to know about this case.

Details About Christopher Gregor Monroe, NJ

Christopher Gregor from New Jersey was arrested on 9th March 2022. He was charged with the murder of his son Corey and child endangerment. As per the reports, Christopher forced his son to run on the treadmill because he considered Corey’ fat.’

Details About Christopher Gregor Monroe

On the day when the incident happened, the gym’s CCTV cameras recorded everything. Gregor was harsh and harmful towards Corey. A trial in the court has been going on. Post-mortem of Corey’s body has also revealed a lot of things. 

The Christopher Gregor Treadmill Video, in which Gregor forces Corey to run on the treadmill, goes viral. Netizens are shocked and heartbroken to watch the video. They are discussing Gregor’s behaviour and thinking about poor Corey. 

However, Gregor’s attorney has been denying every single accusation against him. As per them, Corey had not passed away due to a treadmill session but because of an infection.

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Decoding Christopher Gregor Gym Video 

In the video, Corey is on the treadmill, and Christopher is standing near him. After some time, Christopher was seen clicking a button. And it accelerated the speed of the treadmill. 

Decoding Christopher Gregor Gym Video 

Apparently, Gregor had doubled the speed. However, Corey was not able to keep up with it and fell off the treadmill. Then, his father picked him up by grabbing his shirt and put him back on the treadmill. 

As per the recording, Corey fell around five times from the treadmill. However, his father stood there and did nothing. Every time Corey fell, he stood up and tried to continue. After the fifth time he fell, his father adjusted the speed.

Christopher Gregor’s Treadmill Video shows that the speed was a little favourable for Corey. However, his earlier falls injured him, and he got bruised. Christopher was seen unfazed by his son’s injuries, and neither did he take him to the hospital. 

How Did Corey Micciolo Die?

How Did Corey Micciolo Die

Unfortunately, on 2nd April 202, I passed away in a hospital. His mother brought him to the hospital on 1st April. Corey was brought to Southern Ocean Medical Centre in a terrible situation. 

He was not able to stand on his known legs, and his body had a lot of bruises. Corey was a lot sleepy and also vomiting a lot (as his mother told him). 

As soon as he was admitted, hospital staff incubated him. After some time, he lost his pulse, and doctors tried to save him. But, his condition was unstable, and he was pronounced dead at 5:03 pm.

The doctor performed post-mortem on 3rd April 2021. The findings revealed he had blunt force injuries and a sepsis infection. He also had acute inflammation and a ruptured liver. However, these findings were ruled as ‘undetermined.’


Christopher Gregor’s Treadmill Video has caused a lot of chaos on the internet. When people looked into it, they found out everything about the case. 

Updated post-mortem findings tell that Corey was harmed seriously and, due to which he died. Apparently, there were more severe problems with Corey and just not the earlier post-mortem findings. 

Christopher has been held ever since and is spending his time at the Ocean City Jail (without any bond). In 2021, Corey’s untimely death was termed as a Homicide by the forensic pathologist. Read more details here.

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