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The Max Azzarello Manifesto Reddit details about Max Azzarello Substack and Max Azzarello Website. Follow our article to know more.

Max Azzarello, the man who set himself on fire outside the New York courthouse was found throwing pamphlets in the air with conspiracy theories. This is the same place where Trump is set to perform money trial on Friday. The man who immolated himself was identified to be Max Azzarello. He was 37 years old. He is believed to travel from Florida to New York. The news did generated widespread attention in the United States and Canada.

The officials reported that the person is alive but is in serious conditions. Earlier, he was also found posting online relating to anti-establishment “Conspiracy theories.” The post included a lengthy blog on Max Azzarello Substack that reveals the corrupt politics and billionaires and also wrote about The Simpsons.

It was on 19th April 2024, Friday at around 1:30pm when Max got into the park outside the New York courthouse. It was the very same place where Trump trial will be taking place as per sources. He was found setting himself on fire. It incident continued for few minutes until the court staff and the police officers extinguished him.

The pamphlets shared by Max sheds light to some conspiracy theories and relating with a newsletter titled “The Ponzi Papers”. It contained various theories based on crypto billionaire, Hollywood actor Rob Lowe to an “apocalyptic fascist world coup”, former US president Bill Clinton and others.

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Max Azzarello Substack:

Max Azzarello Substack
Max Azzarello Substack

Max Azzarello has been the talk of the town after he sets himself on fire outside the New York courthouse. The pamphlets he threw reveals some conspiracy theories. |The pamphlets include a manifesto that read the title “I have set myself on fire outside the trump trial.” The manifesto further described the self generated investigative researcher’s multiple theories in Max Azzarello Website.

The manifesto read his name is Max Azzarello and he is an investigative researcher and that he has set himself on fire outside the New York court House at Manhattan. This extreme incident would generate attention to important discovery that they are the victims of a totalitarian con, and the government along with their allies would respond with apocalyptic fascist world coup.”

The manifesto also contained some photographs of some other pamphlets that was titled “The True History of the world (Haunted carnival Edition)”, “D—-t Secrets of our Rotten World” and “NYU is a Mob Front.”

Max Azzarello Website:

Max Azzarello Website
Max Azzarello Website

It was not the first time, Azzarello was spotted outside the New York court house. Earlier, he was spotted protesting outside the New York courthouse holding a sign board that read “The former president is with Biden and they together are about to fascist coup everyone.” Thereafter many videos of Max Azzarello have also gone viral containing his manifesto and calling on the viewers to begin a revolution.                            

Another photo of young Azzarello has also gone viral and making round on social platforms. The photo reveals young Azzarello with Bill Clinton. Last year, Max Azzarello sued Bill Clinton in a conspiracy theory as one of the 100 influential people. But the case was thrown out by the court.

Following the horrifying incident that happened outside the New York court trial when Maz Azzarello set himself on fire. There were questions asked to the officer about his present conditions. The officers replied that he is alive but in critical condition. The news about Max Azzarello has become viral on online platforms.

The Max Azzarello Manifesto Reddit has become viral on internet. To learn more information about Max Azzarello, click on this link.

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