Latest News How To Turn Off Meta Ai InstagramLatest News How To Turn Off Meta Ai Instagram

How to Turn off Meta AI Instagram? Read all the details related to the Meta AI topic in this article.

Meta has introduced its Artificial Intelligence function, Meta AI. Users of Meta applications Worldwide are excited to try out the new function. However, some people don’t want the function to pop up on their screens. Thus, they are trying to turn it off. 

What Is Meta AI on Instagram?

Although Meta’s AI Assistant has been available since September 2023, its most current version places it right into search boxes and occasionally even in-app feeds, such as Facebook and Instagram. 

While the integration varies slightly throughout apps, in general, when you click on a Meta app’s search box (or occasionally, chat button), an iridescent multi-coloured circle appears with the message, “Ask Meta AI anything,” right next to it.

If you accept Meta’s offer, you’ll be able to use Meta AI’s traditional AI assistant functions, like answer writing and image-generating prompts. With Llama 3, the app can now create slideshows that display real-time search outcomes from Google or Bing. 

The issue with these features is that it can be challenging to distinguish them from non-AI elements because they are mingled with them. Here’s how to turn off Meta AI, or at the very least, how to overlook it if you can’t.

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How Can You Turn off Meta AI on Facebook?

Regretfully, there currently needs to be a simple way to turn it off. There are no such solutions on Facebook’s support page, and when we asked Meta AI how to turn it off, we received a variety of responses that could have been more effective in our tests. 

However, that does not imply that there is no hope. Thankfully, the Meta AI logo is now displayed on all integrations, so if you don’t see it, your material is likely originating from a human (or, at the very least, a more traditional type of bot). 

How Can You Turn off Meta AI on Facebook
How Can You Turn off Meta AI on Facebook

You can also long-press an answer to rate, erase, pin, or copy it while you’re in a chat with Meta AI. Many people have suggested uninstalling the updated application and installing the old version from a trusted website.

However, this method needs to be corrected and is not safe for your device. Installing Facebook applications from Google search rather than from the application store is a big problem. It can invite bugs, and corrupt applications can be installed. Thus, wait for the company to turn off the option feature. 

How To Disable Meta AI from Instagram?

Compared to Facebook, Instagram’s Meta artificial intelligence (AI) feature is more subdued. It only appears when you tap on the search box and works mainly in the same manner as its sister app. 

Non-AI search ideas will feature a magnifying lens next to them, while its iridescent artificial intelligence logo will be merged with more conventional search suggestions. 

When you click on a Meta AI suggestion, a chat window will open where you can rate or remove the suggestions’ responses. This chat window is basically the same conversation log from any other Meta app.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a method to completely turn off Meta AI here either, which may be even more annoying. Given that, anyone is more likely to look up things like “how to peel an onion” or “how to cut an avocado” here than on Facebook. 

You may be able to stay away from the AI for the time being if you pay attention to the indicator that appears next to your suggested searches. However, trying other ideas provided on untrusted websites is not a good idea. 

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