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Antara Suara expands Sheila On 7’s concert series to 5 cities, igniting excitement among fans nationwide. Learn about Jakarta Tunggu Aku DI com Bandung.

Antara Suara announces plans to expand Sheila On 7’s concert ‘Tunggu Aku DI In’ to 5 major cities in Indonesia after success of their Jakarta concert in 2023 in Indonesia. This move aims to satisfy Sheila Gank’s thirst for live performances across different cities. CEO highlights strategic selection of towns to revive tourism and attract fans from Malaysia. Learn more about Jakarta Tunggu Aku DI com Bandung.

Tunggu Aku DI com in Jakarta, including Bandung:

Concerts in Indonesia are scheduled from July to September, offering fans a chance to experience their music live. In Bandung, Sheila on 7 will hold a concert at Stadion Siliwangi on 28th/September/2024 as part of their tour across Indonesia. 

In Medan, legendary music group Sheila On 7 will perform at Soewondo Air Base, Lanud Soewondo, on 14th/September/2024. Events promises an unforgettable experience for music enthusiasts in city.

In Pekanbaru, fans can anticipate an exciting concert experience at Lanud Roesmin Nurjadin on 31st/August/2024, promising an energetic Tunggu Aku DI Jakarta atmosphere and a memorable performance by Sheila On 7.

In Makassar, fans will have opportunity to enjoy Sheila On 7’s music live at Trans Studio Mall on 10th/August/2024. 

In Samarinda, ticket sales for concert start on 27th/April/2024, providing fans with ample time to secure their seats at Stadion Utama Kaltim Palaran. 

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Ticketing on Web and App:

To buy tickets for Sheila on 7’s “Tunggu Aku DI” concert in five Indonesian cities, including Samarinda, Makassar, Pekanbaru, Medan, and Bandung, visit Tungguakudi con. Ticket sales start on 27th/April/2024 for Samarinda, followed by other cities on subsequent days. Each town has a limited ticket allocation until 1st/May/2024. 

On Tungguakudi.com, select your city, choose number and type of tickets (up to four per transaction), and provide accurate personal information. Complete payment process and receive confirmation via email and WhatsApp. Download Loket X app to access your e-tickets, including barcodes and seat numbers, seven days before concert. 

Important Terms and Conditions:

When you buy tickets for Sheila on 7 Tunggu Aku DI Bandung concert, you agree to follow specific rules— 

  • Tickets are only available on Tungguakudi.com, karetakudi.com and locket.com.
  • Each transaction can get up to 4 tickets.
  • Your ticket will have your name on it, and you can’t change it later.
  • You’ll get your digital ticket 7 days before concert through Loket X app.
  • Only consumers can buy tickets, not businesses.
  • You need to show a valid ID when buying tickets and entering concert.
  • Children under 6 can’t attend.
  • Special needs attendees should contact Loket.com Customer Service.
  • At Tunggu Aku DI Jakarta, pregnant women need a doctor’s note and permission letter from their husband.
  • People with serious illnesses can’t attend for safety.
  • There’s no storage for belongings, and you can’t bring large bags.
  • Organizer can cancel tickets bought illegally.
  • If concert is cancelled, you’ll get a refund, but other fees won’t be refunded.
  • Organizer can refuse entry or remove attendees if needed.
  • You can’t bring food or drinks, large umbrellas, chemicals to get high, weapons, or drones.
  • No recording is allowed, and throwing things on stage is banned.

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Stage Set for Boosting Economy:

Adam Subarkah expresses confidence in concerts’ success and its potential economic impact post-COVID. Detailed information on each city’s concert will be revealed soon, adding to excitement leading up to events. Positive sentiments from Sheila Gank have continued since teaser release on 1st/April/2024. Therefore, follow @goldlive.indonesia and @antara.suara on Instagram for updates.

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