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Shocking misconduct and harassment unmasked, victims find courage triggering legal action and online outcry about Prajwal Revanna Viral Video Telegram, Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, and Twitter Mms and his Wife.

A BJP leader claimed he received a pen drive in December 2023 containing nearly 2,976 videos showing women, including government officials, engaged in physical acts. He alleged that Prajwal used this footage for blackmail. 

Let’s check more about Prajwal Revanna Viral Video Telegram, Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, and Twitter Mms and his Wife being searched in India, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and United States.

About Prajwal Revanna Viral Video Telegram 2024:

Four videos on Telegram groups were tagged as related to Prajwal’s scandal. However, all videos were related to reviews and news about same. Five Reddit posts blogged about Prajwal’s case and suffering of women. However, original Telegram clips are not featured anywhere on internet.

On Twitter and Instagram, more than twenty videos discussed Prajwal’s scandal and included reactions from political leaders. Prajwal has 2,133 Followers on his Twitter page – @PrajwalRevanna. He has 21.6k followers on his Instagram page – @prajwalrevanna_.

YouTube and Facebook had several videos related to Prajwal’s case, including trend-hitting international news media like MSNBC. His Facebook account – @iPrajwalRevanna, has 54 followers.

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Trending Prajwal Revanna Scandal:

Trending Prajwal Revanna Scandal

Prajwal Revanna is an MP representing Hassan Lok Sabha Constituency. Details about Prajwal’s Wife are not available online. Prajwal is also State General Secretary of Janata Dal Secular (JDS) in Karnataka. 

Prajwal had obtained a court gag order previous year to restrict spread of such information, anticipating that such videos may come out! Bhavani Revanna is Wife of HD Revanna, father of Prajwal. 

Tensions escalated in Hassan district on April 24, 2024, just before Lok Sabha elections’ second phase involving thirteen states, including Karnataka, when allegations emerged regarding manipulated WhatsApp videos, Mms, and images targeting Prajwal, incumbent MP. 

Complaint, filed by Poornachandra Tejaswi MG, election agent of JDS and BJP (NDA alliance), accused Naveen Gowda and others of circulating alleged videos to tarnish Revanna’s image.

Reported Details about Mms:

Scandal deepened when a 47-year-old woman, formerly a house help at Prajwal’s residence, accused both him and his father, HD Revanna, of sexual harassment. Woman stated that Revanna frequently summoned her to his room four months after her employment. On Reddit, Prajwal’s scandal video was NOT featured. Among six female workers, all voiced fear upon Prajwal’s arrival. 

Reported Details about Mms

Male coworkers also warned them to remain cautious. In absence of Revanna’s Wife, he lured women to storeroom, feigning generosity with fruits yet exploiting them and manipulating their saree pins. On TikTok, Prajwal’s scandal video was NOT featured. 

Prajwal attempted to harass complainant’s daughter, prompting her to block his number. Complainant’s decision to expose Revanna and Prajwal followed revelation of testimonies of other victims, prompting her to relay her incidents to Holenarasipura police. On Twitter, Prajwal’s scandal video was NOT featured. 

Police registered a case against Prajwal under IPC Sections 354A, 354D, 506, and 509 based on her complaint, detailing incidents allegedly occurring between 2019 and 2022.

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Action by Karnataka Government:

CM Siddaramaiah formed a special investigation team (SIT), headed by IPS officer Vijay Kumar Singh, includes DG CID Suman D Pennekar and IPS officer Seema Latkar, following a request from Women Commission (Chairperson Dr Nagalakshmi Chowdhary), alleging that victims were forced/filmed without their consent. JD(S) supported SIT investigation, with core committee chairman GT Deve Gowda to decide on further action against Prajwal.

Meanwhile, Prajwal reportedly left country for Germany, maintaining that video footage was morphed.

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